Dianna Wong, Interior Designer

Born in Hong Kong and raised in rural Montana and Los Angeles, Dianna Wong brings a unique global view of the luxury lifestyle to Kirby Collection. Using her multidisciplinary training in architecture, interior design, fine arts, and the decorative arts, Wong has created an impressive environment of luxury and style unmatched by anything else in Houston.

Kirby Collection [is] an appealing alternative to living in a traditional boxy tower. It will introduce Houston to a new way of living.

Dianna Wong

Richard Keating, Design Architect

With more than 50 years of experience designing celebrated buildings across the United States, Richard Keating is widely recognized for his skills and strategic decision-making. Throughout his career, he has contributed concepts for large-scale urban visions and is frequently called upon as an architectural participant in discussions about the city of Houston.

The shape I chose for the tallest building in Kirby Collection, the ellipse of the residential tower, is seen from all sides and softly marks a new place [in the city’s landscape] and serves the residents within by providing expansive views across the city of Houston in all directions.

Richard Keating